About EBM

EBM is a Business Consultancy Service created by husband and wife team Peter and Helen Gannon, based in beautiful West Sussex. 


We set up EBM in 2012 offering Company Owners and Business Managers an alternative to DIY, specialist recruitment, specialist outsourcing or expensive consultation.  We also decided to focus on offering ISO help to our clients as more and more clients look to achieve certification.


We see ourselves as your surrogate business management resource. We offer no threat to you or your staff and the entire business model we operate is win-win. We focus only on the positives.


Our backgrounds are diverse and without this we simply couldn’t offer the breadth of expertise.  We believe we complement each other and probably more importantly so does everyone we work with!


Pete has a more corporate background and has managed at all levels. He has used his experiences to drive him on through new personal challenges. As an example his finance background exposed him to many financial audits.  As a qualified Lead Auditor he now leads companies through ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 audits and leverages on past lessons learnt.


Helen has a sharing/caring personality. She thrives on resolving other people’s problems but does not enjoy being a singular point of excellence. As such her drive is to impart knowledge and maximise the potential and learning of client staff and managers.

As part of the Data Protection Legislation introduced in 2018, both Peter and Helen are qualified GDPR Practitioners.


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