Safe Systems in Procurement (SSIP)


As of November 2015, there are 26 Registered Member Schemes of the SSIP Forum, which acts as an umbrella Organisation to facilitate mutual recognition between Health and Safety Assessment Schemes wherever it is practicable to do so.


SSIP Schemes


The following Organisations are all members of the SSIP Forum and in many cases, certification under one will be acknowledged by another; albeit following the payment of a separate fee.


  • CHAS - used extensively within Construction.

  • Safe Contractor - not industry specific.

  • Acclaim - exclusive to Constructionline members.

  • NAS - National Association of Shop Fitters.


Drivers for Accreditation


Each Organisation will have its own particular reasons for wishing to attain one or more of the SSIP Forum schemes.  At EBM we recognise and respect the various reasons and recommend that whatever the driver, the approach should be to embed the requirements for registration within your Organisation.


Touch Points - SSIP


  • On-line submission and approval.

  • No Company visit.

  • Document Control.

  • Evidence of Compliance.

  • Policy.

  • Hazard identification.

  • Risk Assessment & Controls.

  • Method Statements.

  • Legal Compliance.

  • Objectives.

  • Resources.

  • Competencies.

  • Training & Awareness.

  • Communication.

  • Operational Control.

  • Management Review.

  • Incident Investigation.

  • Improvement.


Benefits - Examples


As with OHSAS 18001 but tempered to a degree due to the fact that SSIP is an on-line assessment of competence only.