New Flexible Working Regulations Come into Force

The Flexible Working Regulations 2014 have been published and came into force today, 30 June 2014, and apply to all flexible working applications made on or after this date.

The regulations revoke the Flexible Working (Eligibility, Complaints and Remedies) Regulations 2002 (thereby removing the provision that the statutory right to request flexible working is only available to parents of children under 17 (18 if the child is disabled) or to carers of adults), and they extend the right to make a request for flexible working to any employee who has been continuously employed for 26 weeks. They also provide that a flexible working application must be in writing, dated and state whether the employee has previously made any such application to the employer (and, if so, when).

Finally, they confirm that the maximum compensation that an employment tribunal can award in relation to a complaint that an employer has failed to deal correctly with a flexible working application is eight weeks' pay (at the current cap on a ‘week’s pay’ - £464 from 6 April 2014).

Speak to your employer if this is something you are interested in. Everyone is now able to ask.

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