The only pre-qualification assessment for Rail suppliers



Successful completion of the RISQS Audit is an Industry requirement, and while not a legal requirement in its own right, it does embrace statutory regulations. The standard can only be assessed at present by the Achilles organisation as appointed by the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) Board.


Drivers for Accreditation

The accreditation process can be a timely and costly exercise and your drivers should be clear and agreed before embarking on this journey.


Requirements Overview

The requirements of the Audit are tailored to your service scope and as such not all modules are necessary to obtain certification; you will only be audited in the areas relevant to the services and products you supply. Each module introduces robust assurance arrangements and consequence guidelines for any breach.


Module 1: Industry Minimum Requirements

This base audit module assesses general management systems and processes such as Management Controls, Safety Risk Management, Competence Management and Occupational Health. It is required for all suppliers offering products and services that are deemed auditable.

Module 2: Network Rail Sentinel

This element is required where sponsoring staff to go on or near Network Rail Managed Infrastructure or Sites. Companies will need to prove control and competence across a wide number of considerations including Contract of Sponsorship, Management of Sub-sponsors, Competence Management, Management of Working Hours, etc.


Module 3: Network Rail Railway Interface Planning

Sets out the requirements for organisations that plan and manage access to places on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure described as “on or near the line”. Will include possessions and isolations.


Module 4: Network Rail On-Track Plant Operations

Sets out the requirements for organisations undertaking the provision and operation of On-Track Plant, whether engaged directly or as a sub-contractor to a Principal Contractor.


Benefits – (Notwithstanding the Industry Requirement)
  • It will drive high performance and continuous improvement.

  • Provides clear demonstration to all current and potential stakeholders of the company’s capability to meet regulatory and rail industry requirements.

  • Reduces the need for repetitive supplier verification audits .

  • Qualification results are shared with all buyers in the Achilles Link-up community.