Performance Review Process


As managers of varying numbers of staff over the years we have always felt that managing performance should be seen as a positive step with the focus on improvement.


Sadly too many managers seem to treat the exercise with negative preconceptions. Some see the whole process as confrontational; some cannot accept that good performance cannot always be rewarded through salary increases and so view the whole process as a waste of time.  Others view it as yet another task that needs to be done but demonstrates no real benefits, just a large amount of paperwork.


Our Client probably slotted into the latter school of thought but needed to demonstrate management commitment through continual improvement to keep one of their ISO badges.  Our brief was to make everyone’s life easier and help them retain their badges.


Our approach was, yes OK we will do that but we are not going to stop there.  We can do so much more.


We provided coaching to managers on how to take confrontation out of reviews; we talked to all employees and helped them understand why it is in their interest to be pro-active in arranging their own reviews.  We demonstrated how reward does not always need to be financial (in the short-term) but also how to showcase their achievements and so enable them to gain financial rewards when available.