The EBM Way : Management Support

Management Support


EBM offers a wide range of Management Support Services.  Irrespective of which service or combination of services you are looking for help with, our approach remains consistent.




An initial meeting (free of charge) where we:


  • identify the objectives

  • gain an overview of your current situation

  • allow you to size us up in terms of a trusted partner


If in agreement, we will draw up an outline plan with associated timings and costs.


Our in depth Gap Analysis will determine your current versus desired state.  This will include assessments of internal resources and competencies, both in terms of systems and personnel.  It will be site based and will enable us to formulate a detailed Plan which will be costed and presented for your approval.




During the Planning process we will agree our degree of involvement and any lines of demarcation.  We are there as an extended Management Resource and our involvement in terms of scale and detail will depend on your needs and the availability of competent resources.




Communication forms a major requirement within our approach and as we progress through the process we encourage regular dialogue between all stakeholders which will include us as partners, your staff, customers and suppliers.  At this stage of the process we will have implemented many of the requirements; we will need to check for evidence of compliance and attainment of objectives.




This is where management systems are in full deployment and thereafter where we seek continuous improvement and set the PDCA  cycle in motion again.


Benefits : Examples


  • EBM is a flexible extension to your Management Team - we are there when you need us.

  • Not constrained by geography - in the last 12 months we have been supporting businesses in Scotland, London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Hampshire and more.

  • No fixed overhead; no employee contribution costs.

  • One stop shop for a range of standards.

  • One stop shop for a range of Business Management skills.

  • Your costs will be reduced.

  • Providing the foundations for sustainable growth.