Management Restructure



A bi-product of the need to gain recognised Certification to International Standards is that there needs to be ongoing ownership.


These standards are not about a 3 week blitz just before the renewal date to gain re-certification.  It is our passion that the messages, arrangements and policies that underpin the standards form part of everyday working culture. The ideal scenario being that an auditor could show up unannounced and the Company still passes the test.


While recognising that as Utopia, we have worked with our Clients to help Senior Management recognise and commit to different ways of working, and the benefits they can bring.


The biggest success so far was where our client invited EBM to chair their Quarterly Management Review Board as a Non Exec. The boards remit here is truly cross functional with only funding and ownership issues not on the agenda. In accepting their invitation we put forward a proposed constitution document which they accepted and signed before we commenced with this arrangement.


EBM hold no voting powers as such, but we steer and manage the meeting and have the platform to influence. The Directors see this as a great advantage as although they still govern,  they can be challenged and they have the opportunity to use us as sounding boards for a whole range of concerns.