What will it Cost You?

How Much Does it Cost to Obtain ISO Certification?


Companies wishing to gain accreditation to one or more of the recognised ISO Standards are advised that there are ongoing costs to gain, and then maintain, these Standards.

All Standards are audited by Certification Bodies and at EBM we recommend that only UKAS approved Organisations are used.


The Certification Bodies will charge for the Initial Assessment (a Two Stage process) and will then charge for Annual Surveillance Visits. After three years a full re-certification audit is required.


The charges levied vary from Certification Body, but we have provided a set of budgetary costs, using ISO 9001:2015 as an example such that you can size the likely investment:


The price range takes account of the need for a Stage One Audit to be completed on site, and also the complexity of the intended scope of certification. For small companies in an office environment the Stage One audit may be completed at Head Office, but for larger companies with processes such as design, manufacture, installation, test etc. the Stage One audit will always be completed on site.

As you will see, even for the smallest Companies there is potentially an outlay of around £1500 just for the Audit.


The role of EBM is to ensure everything is in place such that you gain the desired certification at the first attempt.


So how much does EBM charge?


This is where it becomes impossible to quote without gaining a degree of information about your company and indeed the existence and maturity of the management systems in place to enable certification.


To facilitate this, we offer a free initial face to face meeting; this normally takes no longer than 2 hours. This gives us, and you, the opportunity to size the piece of work required. From there we provide a plan and a quote. We see this face to face meeting as crucial as we need to gain each other’s trust very quickly and agree a work plan that suits you and does not become too intrusive or, god forbid, cause more problems than it solves.


For clients outside of Herts, Beds, Bucks, Cambridge and London we respectfully look for reimbursement of travel expenses.