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A Surrogate Business Management Service


At EBM we are not just interested in offering ISO help.  One of the biggest challenges facing SME’s is ensuring that the right levels of resources and expertise are available when required.  Any business enjoying, or suffering, peaks and troughs in demand, or whose business model is primarily project based, will understand the real dangers and costs associated with getting this wrong.


The diversity of services on offer from EBM allow us to become familiar faces in and around your business as we are called, on demand, to bridge any gaps you may have at any particular time.  This can range from HR matters to full blown Prince2 Project Management.  It can involve getting staff trained on some more advanced Excel techniques enabling them to work smarter and produce some management reports as opposed serving up spreadsheets full of data.


The advantages of engaging with EBM are such that nobody in your organization will feel threatened or intimidated. We are there to help, to assist, to lead if necessary, to coach, to mentor and to enrich your company and those who work within it.


Other advantages we have been told we bring include objectivity, trust, a confidante outside of normal line management hierarchy, commercial awareness and genuine experience having worked as managers and within operations ourselves. We find ourselves carrying out more and more "Internal Audits" in advance of Certification Body Audits.  Our Audit Reports include issue resolutions and recommendations - not just problem identification.


We have found that Directors enjoy allowing us to facilitate some of their meetings and staff have risen to the challenge when we take the lead on, for example, setting up a Health & Safety Committee.


We even venture into publishing periodic newsletters as a further tool to enhance communication across all stakeholders.


The cost of resourcing up and then resourcing down will still be challenging on more direct roles, but as far as the indirect roles are concerned we will simply save you time, cost and stress.


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