AS9100C : A Quality Management System

Designed for Aviation, Space and Defence Organisations



There is no legal requirement to attain this standard nor is there a requirement to use an external body in assisting you with the process. The only “must” is the standard must be assessed and awarded via a UKAS approved certification body of which there are a number of choices.


Sometimes referred to as "ISO 9001+" or "ISO 9001 on speed"; the very nature of the Industries served by this Standard promotes a more in depth compliance of requirements.  There is huge emphasis on Process Effectiveness as opposed to the existence of process.  There is also a need for more detailed analytics with techniques such as Failure Mode Effects Analysis used.




AS9100C is the third update of the Quality Management System - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Organisations, published in 2009.


AS9100C incorporates the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and has not as yet adopted the Annex SL framework.


Drivers for Accreditation


Each organisation will have its own particular reasons for wishing to attain the ISO 9001 Standard. At EBM we recognise and respect the various reasons but we recommend that whatever the driver, the approach should be to embed the standard within your organisation.


Touch Points


  • Policy & Objectives.

  • Management Responsibility & Review.

  • Resource Management.

  • Product Realisation.

  • Measurement, Analysis and Improvement.


Benefits – Examples


  • Provides the foundations from which to consistently meet Customer Requirements. 

  • Public demand for safety and reliability drives the need for product quality to approach near perfection.

  • Qualification to be considered as an aerospace Supplier.

  • Internal validation.

  • Internal effectiveness and productivity benefits.

  • Access to new markets.